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Agro360 Bangla-Dialect A/B test

BAN -19 -1545

    Basic Information

  • Experiment rationale and/or abstract
    As part of the Agriculture 360 (Agro360) program, mPower sends text messages with crop management recommendations and weather alerts to farmers to improve the efficiency of their crops’ cultivation and promote practices that mitigate the impact of climate change on their crops.

    The objective of this experiment was to understand farmers’ engagement with the service when the voice messages are delivered in their local dialect, compared to the traditional Bangla messages that have been sent to farmers during the previous seasons.
  • Status
  • Start date
    Q1 Jan 2019
  • Experiment Location
  • Partner Organization
  • Agricultural season
  • Research Design

  • Experiment type
    A/B test
  • Sample frame / target population
    Mungbean and watermelon farmers
  • Sample size
  • Outcome type
    System engagement
  • Method of Measurement
    Platform administrative data
  • Research question(s)/hypotheses
    Sending voice messages in local dialects would increase farmer's engagement with the service.
  • Research theme
    Message Design
  • Results

  • Results
    Receiving a voice message in the local dialect led to a 3.8 percentage point increase in listening rate (Control mean: 73.2%). Receiving a voice message in the local dialect led to a 7.0 percentage point increase in the likelihood of listening to the full voice message (Control mean: 48.5%).