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Impact Evaluation of Digital Extension Platform

IND -20 -1252

    Basic Information

  • Experiment rationale and/or abstract
    PxD operates a free agriculture information service delivered over mobile phones, in collaboration with a State Government Department of Agriculture in India using a two-way IVR platform with "outbound" push calls and "inbound" hotline service.

    The primary aim of the evaluation is to rigorously assess the impact of the service on rice productivity over multiple seasons. The research will also measure the impact of the service on intermediate outcomes, including farmers’ agricultural knowledge and practices, and calculate the benefit-cost ratio of the intervention.

    There are two secondary objectives. First, the study will test low-cost approaches to measuring yields. Specifically, it will assess the feasibility of using satellite images to estimate farmers’ rice yields. This work will help address a common empirical challenge of evaluating digital extension and other agricultural interventions. Second the study will generate further learnings on message and service designs that could increase the impact of digital extension on productivity by incorporating A/B tests within the treatment group to trial new content, functions, and delivery mechanisms.
  • Status
  • Start date
    Q4 Oct 2020
  • Experiment Location
  • Partner Organization
  • Agricultural season
  • Research Design

  • Experiment type
    Impact Evaluation
  • Sample frame / target population
    Paddy farmers
  • Sample size
  • Outcome type
    Farming practices, Knowledge, Profits, Yields
  • Method of Measurement
    Remote sensing/GIS, Phone survey, In-person survey
  • Research question(s)/hypotheses
    Please explain any student visa work permission conditions, if relevant.
    - Does access to the service increase the productivity of paddy farmers, and if so, by what magnitude?
    - How do impacts vary by land and farmer characteristics?
    - What is the cost-benefit ratio of the service?
    - Does the service impact the adoption of key agricultural inputs and practices among paddy farmers?
  • Research theme
    IVR, Impact Evaluation, Measurement methods
  • Results