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Inbound engagement: leveraging peer networks

IND -21 -1464

    Basic Information

  • Experiment rationale and/or abstract
    PxD operates a free agriculture information service delivered over mobile phones, in collaboration with a State Government Department of Agriculture in India using a two-way IVR platform with "outbound" push calls and "inbound" hotline service.

    The objective of this A/B test is to understand whether existing successful users of the inbound service, defined as users that have asked a valid, agricultural question in the last six months, can be leveraged to increase engagement with the service among their self-identified peer networks. Further, we want to understand whether certain types of users, for example those that have called in and recorded multiple questions, will be more likely to successfully engage their peer group. We also plan to test whether providing incentives, material or non-material, to the user increases the likelihood of engagement. This A/B test is part of a series of experiments to increase inbound engagement, and will directly inform the use of peer groups in the upcoming Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of 2021.
  • Status
  • Start date
    Q1 Jan 2021
  • Experiment Location
  • Partner Organization
  • Agricultural season
  • Research Design

  • Experiment type
    A/B test
  • Sample frame / target population
    Farmers who have recorded a question on the inbound service
  • Sample size
  • Outcome type
    System engagement, Information sharing
  • Method of Measurement
    Platform administrative data, Phone survey
  • Research question(s)/hypotheses
    Can we leverage successful users of the IVR service in order to increase the number of farmers that ask a valid question?
  • Research theme
    Expand user base, Social learning, User engagement, Take-up incentives
  • Results