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Bayer - GeoPotato Final ReportThe main objectives of the experiment are the following:

-Gain insight into the effect of promoting Bayer fungicides on farmers’ brand recognition and knowledge.
-Assess the effect of the Bayer-branded alerts on purchases and usage of Bayer-branded fungicides, as well as fungicides in general.
-Understand how branded messages affect farmers’ perception and trust in the service, and how this translates into the adoption of GeoPotato recommendations and farmer outcomes.

2018BangladeshmPowerAgrodealers, Extension Agents, Impact Evaluation, Social learningCompleted & results available_N/AImpact Evaluation
Frequency A/B testThe objective of the A/B test was to understand the effect of sending shorter push calls with increased frequency on average listening rate of outbound calls.2017Gujarat, IndiaJ-PALTiming, frequency, repetitionCompletedKharifA/B test00
Agro360 - Conversation vs. triviaAs part of the Agriculture 360 (Agro360) program, mPower sends text messages with crop management recommendations and weather alerts to farmers to improve the efficiency of their crops’ cultivation and promote practices that mitigate the impact of climate change on their crops. For Kharif 2019, mPower partnered with Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD) to understand the impact of sending trivia-based and conversational style advisory messages on farmers’ engagement with the service.

The results from this experiment show that farmers were more likely to pick up a call that began with a trivia fact, however they engaged more with the service when they received a conversational style message.
2019BangladeshmPowerCommunication technology, Dramatized messages, Message Design, Message NarrationCompletedKharifA/B test00
Training method A/B testAnalysing different methods of training - one-on-one training (remote v/s field) v/s group and its effect on farmer engagement2016Gujarat, IndiaJ-PALTraining sessionsCompletedRabiA/B test0
Call length A/B testPAD operates Krishi Tarang, a two-way IVR service through which farmers receive weekly advisory messages and have access to an inbound hotline service to access previous content and ask questions.

Farmers who get messages usually do not know either the total length of the message, or the lengths of various topics being discussed. Current push calls range from 60-140 seconds and cover around 1-4 topics. The issue with this is that farmers do not know the length of the call, in its entirety, or by topic and thus hang up at different points, which could be an arbitrary decision. This experiment will be able to tease out whether the decision to listen or not listen is a function of whether or not they are interested in the advice.
2018Gujarat, India_N/A, J-PALMessage DesignCompletedKharifA/B test00
Cropping Series Invite MessagesPxD operates the MoA-INFO platform in collaboration with Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture to provide free agricultural recommendations to farmers via SMS. This experiment aimed to improve cropping series engagement by refining MOA-INFO's cropping series invitation messages. 2019KenyaKenya Ministry of AgricultureMessage DesignCompletedShort RainsA/B test0
Crop diversificationPAD is working with the West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project (WBADMI) to implement a mobile phone-based extension system, Krishi Katha, for smallholder farmers belonging to the Water User Associations (WUAs) formed under the ADMI project across West Bengal.

The objective of this A/B test is to nudge WUA farmers in West Bengal through IVR and SMS messages to grow more profitable crops like Brinjal, Tomato, Okra, Gourds, Cucumber and Black Gram on a portion of their land during Kharif 2020.
2020India, West Bengal, IndiaADMIMessage framing, Practice AdoptionDiscontinuedKharifA/B test00